Wilma Wever

Voice lessons are $95/hour at my private studio in Manhattan. On location price will differ.

Call or email for Student discounts and packages: wilmawever@yahoo.com  917-622-2421


"A lesson with Wilma provides a haven from the craziness that is New York and the daily stress we all encounter in our careers, whether in the performing arts or not.  Wilma is not only a great teacher who pushes you to become a bit better in every class, but she is also a beautiful singer and an even better person.  Her sense of humor, positive energy and optimism mixed with her expertise in the subject make her truly one of a kind.  I am always looking forward to my weekly class with her because not only do I get to sing and experiment with my voice in a very safe environment, but also because she recharges you with her blissful and contagious energy by making you understand that you are good and that she believes and trusts in you. Not many people in this city are as generous and as loving as she is. Wilma will broaden your vocal range with her fun and demanding vocalizations, work on your support and emission of sound. She will also choose great repertoire that suits your voice and challenges you. There is never a dull moment with her. I have been a student of Wilma since 2009 and hopefully will be for many years to come. Her joyous spirit, dedication towards her students, and clarity in teaching set her apart and make her lessons the high point of your day." 3/28/2014, Marcelo Carrascosa

"Everything a Voice Teacher Should Be. Wilma is an excellent teacher, she always took the time to understand exactly where my voice was that day, work on exactly what I needed to work on, and provide me with all the tools necessary to work on my own in between classes. My lessons were highlights in my week, and I grew so much vocally under her guidance. I cannot praise her enough, and she is one of the loveliest people to know. I recommend her so much, she is an absolute treasure when it comes to voice teachers and people in general!" 11/2/2009, Rafa Maza

"Wilma is the best! I feel so privileged to have Wilma as my teacher! She is so knowledgeable about music and the different styles of singing, and she caters to my skill level, encourages my strengths, and helps me to improve on the things that challenge me most. Not only is she an excellent teacher, she is a kindhearted individual whom I simply love to be around. I always look forward to our lessons and the growth that is bound to happen. Wilma is the best!" 10/19/2010, Gina Gloria

"Wilma is amazing, funny and a great person. I have to say that Wilma is an amazing teacher, which help me set my goals and get there. Since the moment that I meet her she was straight with me and she try to push me  a little bit farther. I would recommend her for anyone who wants to start their career on the right path!" 10/19/2009, Rubria Teran

"The best voice teacher I've had.. and I know a few! I've been taking classes with Wilma for a year and a half and I've changed completely my way to sing. In addition, I started with her as a professional in musical theatre in Madrid (Spain), so I knew how to sing already. That means that I wasn't a beginner so I already had my bad habits and in my case was much harder to do work than with a beginner. After a year I started to notice how my resonants were completely new and also my sound. I've learned how not to use my throat and to be much more healthy. I don't know, I'm already working as a performer which I thank her a lot. Love you Wilma." 10/18/2009, Jaime Zatarain